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Why Testers are, like scientists

Hello everybody.

Today, I would like to write about little observation I made along the way of being a tester.

The title says it all. I think Testers, are like scientists. I would go even further, and say: Testers, are scientists.

Let us see how the two compare.

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Why the expressiveness of your Tests is important – Part One

Hello Everybody.

This time I’d like to write about the expressiveness of a Test. I think that it’s very important to write understandable and expressive tests. In older times I was studying novel writing. There is a rule which a novel needs to follow. It goes something like this: “A novel needs to lead its reader and make him understand in the simplest way what’s going on, with whom and why?”. In other words, it’s not a puzzle. It should be obvious what the test is trying to do and it should not require the reader to try and solve it in order to understand it.

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Python Course Review

Hello Everybody.

Today I’d like to write a little bit about a python course I did.

It’s an 8 week course on algorithmic programming with fun little projects. I’d like to write down some of my solutions with pseudo code for my own better understanding and for the sake of sharing knowledge. I won’t, however, share full projects since that would be against the honour code.

Let’s begin…

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Five reasons why a tester should learn SQL

Hello Folks.

So last I was writing about why a tester should learn Javascript. Today I would like to write about why a tester should learn SQL.

There, I said it. I know many people, especially testers, don’t like SQL. They view it as a monster best be avoided. Something only Database people will know. Something which is so scary and ugly, nobody really wants it.

But I will give you a couple of good reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of SQL. And why you should welcome it as your best friend and partner in crime.

Let’s go.

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